If you are thinking what to do to unwind or spend some time outside your home, why not spend it with your family and friends? Better yet, choose to have a fun and good time at the Dubai Garden Glow!

Dubai Garden Glow is the city’s great choice for a wholesome family entertainment and fun. You will find yourself in awe with this one-of-a-kind theme park with thoughtfully-considered and eco-friendly garden design, and crafted by various talented artists around the world.

Inside the garden, you can access the Dinosaur Park, The Glow Garden, and the Art Park. Enjoy the attractions inside – from the talking tree, various stage shows, spectacular garden, glowing animals, and many more. All of these and more, only at Dubai Garden Glow!

The good news is that you can enjoy the Dubai Garden Glow discount tickets for a limited time only, so now is your chance to grab one and experience the fun first-hand. You can now get your Dubai Garden Glow ticket price for only AED 55 per head. No need to book – the discounted voucher is valid at Dubai Garden Glow.

The Dubai Garden Glow voucher is valid daily including special holidays. You can enjoy exploring the three parks inside – The Dinosaur Park, The Glow Garden, and The Art Park. Enjoy various performances from street performers and live performances from international and regional artists and other attractions.

Please take note of the restrictions imposed by the theme park. For one, food and drinks bought outside the theme park are not allowed to be brought inside. Pets, balls, and all kinds of bikes are not allowed inside the facility. 

How to get to Dubai Garden Glow:
The theme park is located at Zabeel Park Gate 6 and 7, Dubai, UAE. As a responsible and law-abiding guest, everyone is expected to follow the facility’s rules and regulations.