Everyone deserves a break once in a while. With all the everyday stress we adults have to experience on a regular basis, it is only normal to enjoy what the world has to offer. Whether reading a book, having coffee with friends, or watching a movie with a significant other, there are unlimited ways to make your day-off worthwhile. On the other hand, it is also nice to try something – like experiencing the VR Theme Park at Dubai Mall!

The VR Theme Park is Middle East’s first-of-its-kind, mind-blowing attraction that will surely be enjoyed by both kids and kids-at-heart. This theme park was launched in March 2018 and focuses on the concept of “shared escapism” through its variety of games that will suit to all ages. From immersive rides, interactive games, and educational journeys, the VR Theme Park is one experience you definitely won’t forget.

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This discount ticket is valid for one person and can choose up to 7 games. Retail, arcade games, food and beverage expenses while inside the theme park will be shouldered by the ticket holder.

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