Visit Trabzon - Turkey and stay in 4 bedrooms apartment for 10 person from AED 329

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Visit Trabzon - Turkey and stay in a 4 bedroom apartment for 10 person from AED 329

Visit the beautiful city of Trabzon, Located on the Black Sea coast of Northeastern of Turkey, Visa and Tickets are not included

Option 1: 1 Night Stay in 2-bedroom Sea view Apartment for 6 person for AED 329
Option 2: 1 Night Stay in 3-bedroom City View Apartment for 8 person for AED 329
Option 3: 1 Night Stay in 3-bedroom Sea View Apartment for 8 person for AED 399
Option 4: 1 Night Stay in 4-bedroom Sea View Apartment for 10 person for AED 499

Stay up to 10 person in 4 bedrooms Apartment 
Exclusions: all meals, VISA (Apply online), and Air Tickets (fly dubai & Air Arabia) & Tours

Recommended places to Visit:
Uzungol and surroundings (full day) AED 440 for private car upto 12 person  
• Visit Lokum (Turkish delight) Factory
• Trip to Sultan Murat Waterfalls (Uzongol waterfall) and explore the natural landscapes 
• Visit the famous Uzungol village and explore the stunning Uzungol Lake surrounded by green forests and high mountains.
• Take a stroll around the lake and scenery, explore local restaurants, and engage in fun events

Ayder plateau and Rize (full day) AED 520 AED private car upto 12 person 
• Depart for Ayder Highland in the city of Rize
• Visit Tea Plantations
• Explore Firtina (Storm) Valley and engage in stunning activities such as riding the famous swings above the clouds, rafting in popular white-water river, and Zipline
• Visit multiple sights such as the famous Old Ottoman Stone Bridge set amidst the valley
• Head to the most beautiful waterfalls situated at the summit of the Ayder Plateau

Hamsikoy Village, Zigana Pass, Karaca Cave, and Sumela Monastery (full day) AED 480 for private car upto 12 person 
• Depart to Turkey’s Switzerland- Hamsikoy Village
• Explore scenic Zigana Mountain and visit the wonderful observation deck made of glass
• Explore Karaca Cave- a limestone cave with colorful stalactites and stalagmites
• Visit the historical Sumela Monastery- a historic Greek Orthodox monastery within the Pontic mountains

Hidirnebi Yaylasi and Calkoy Cave ( full day) AED 440 for private car upto 12 person 
• Depart to the beautiful Hidirnebi Plateau, a mountain historical village located at a highland.
• Have lunch and spend the day exploring the area’s natural beauty, village life, and hospitality.
• Visit the Calkoy Cave (2nd longest cave in the world) and enjoy a coffee/tea break.

Hagia Sophia, Ataturk palace, Sera Lake (full day) AED 400 for private car upto 12 person 
• Visit the Hagia Sophia museum and Ataturk’s pavilion in Trabzon
• Trip to Sera Golu (Lake) and ecological parks with a Boat ride
• Visit Akcaabat historical house

Urdu City (full day) AED 660 for private car upto 12 person 
The city of Ordu is located two hours away from Trabzon, where the cable car, overlooks Boztepe and the distinctive coast, in addition to the city’s distinctive marketin the ancient European style.
• Jirosun Castle on the way to Ordu, where you cantake picturesque pictures with a full lake view.
• Head to the city of Ordu And ride the cable car and spend several hours in Boztepe.
• Visit the markets before leaving to Trabzon.

Why Trabzon
Trabzon is a city located in the northeastern region of Turkey, situated on the coast of the Black Sea. Known for its rich history, stunning natural scenery, and unique cultural heritage, Trabzon is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. With its ancient architecture, including Byzantine and Ottoman-era structures, as well as its modern amenities and vibrant atmosphere, Trabzon offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

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This offer is valid until May 31, 2023 (to stay before May 31, 2023)


Offer Valid until May 31, 2023
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- Flights Tickets
- Visa (if required to enter Turkey) - Please arrange visa as required prior to departure
- Meals
- Tours

Once the booking is confirmed, it is non-refundable
Stay in a 3 Bedroom Sea view Apartment in Kasustu – Trabzon
Can book as many nights as you want, but last day of stay is May 31, 2023

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