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Emirates Park Zoo Explorer Ticket
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Emirates Park Zoo Explorer Ticket


Emirates Park Zoo Explorer Ticket unlimited 3 activities:
- Zoo Entry
- Enjoy all the Free activities plus unlimited access to all the animals’ shows
- Valid all days included Public Holidays

Activities & Shows 
Sea lion show- 10:30am & 5:00pm
Elephant encounter- 9:30am, 3:30pm,7:00pm
Birds show- 4:00pm
Car Driving adventure- 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Zoo zip and climb: 9:00am to 8:00pm

Park Timings:
All Days Open - 9 AM to 9 PM

Feeding timings:
Giraffe feeding: 10 am until food run out
Koi feeding: 10 am until food run out
Hippo feeding: 10am to 12noon, 4pm to 6pm, 7pm to 9pm
Elephant feeding: 4:45pm to 6:30pm
Ostrich feeding: 5pm to 6pm
Duck feeding: 10 am until food run out
Baby goat and lamb feeding: 10am until food run out, 5pm until food run out

• Children aged 3 years and below enter FREE of charge

Are you looking for the perfect budget-friendly day out with friends and family in Abu Dhabi? The newly revamped Emirates Park Zoo and Resort is just what you are looking for! This zoo is not just a great place to take your kids to, it also has a large feeding area allowing your little ones to see the animals up close and interact with them. The zoo is also attached to an Abu Dhabi resort, making it a great spot for a different kind of staycation. Here is the complete guide to the Emirates Park Zoo and Resort located just off the highway to Dubai, at Al Bahia. Read on to find out details about the tickets, opening hours, special shows, and more at this zoo in Abu Dhabi.

The Emirates Park Zoo opened up as a small feeding farm in 2008, before expanding into a full-blown zoo in 2012. Since then the management has worked hard at maintaining the zoo to high standards and adding attractions to bring in more visitors over the years. It is one of the best places to take your kids in Abu Dhabi and provides for lively entertainment for the adults too, especially if you spend hours watching the fascinating lives of wild animals on Nat Geo.

There are over 1700 animals at the zoo, so if you are an animal lover, you are going to love watching them here. The zoo is divided into different zones. Here are all the areas in the Emirates Park Zoo where you can find your favorite mammals, reptiles, birds, and more:

Camel Farm:
This is the area in this Abu Dhabi zoo that hosts the indigenous desert animals. Over here you can feed the camels and get to see them up close and personal. They are fairly demanding when it comes to the grass, so make sure your children maintain a healthy distance to avoid being accidentally bitten. Near the camels, there are also other cattle, including bison, jersey cows, and more.

Crocodile Pool:
This is the part of the Emirates zoo where you can see Nile crocodiles, alligators and other varieties of the fearsome amphibious predators.

Hippo House:
You can watch the resident hippopotamus frolicking in the water in this zone located just before the birds of prey zone.

Birds of Prey:
As the name suggests, here’s where you can see the owls, buzzards, hawks, eagles and vultures. If you are like us, you too will be fascinated by their piercing gaze and unwavering stares.

Primate Paradise:
It’s the place to monkey around with different varieties of the species. From cheeky capuchin monkeys to adorable marmoset monkeys that gaze adoringly at you, there’s plenty to see at this area of the park.

Mammal Cave:
This cavernous zone is where you get to meet the many mammals calling the zoo home. There are white racoons, fennec foxes, smaller varieties of wild cats, and other furry animals. Keep a watch out for the cheeky racoons who are happy to make faces at you while you admire their rambunctious antics.

Equine Enclosure:
Say hello to the horses, ponies, donkeys, llamas, and alpacas at this enclosure where you can also feed the animals. They are quite social and friendly with some even putting their cheeks out to be petted. Remember that they can bite, so be sure to maintain a safe distance. You can also ride a pony or horse by paying an additional fee at the park.

Giraffe Park:
Here’s where you should come if you would like to feed the giraffes. The towering creatures will happily munch on the grass, that you can feed them at the feeding area that has been built upstairs to accommodate the tall heights of the giraffes in residences. You will also find zebras, deer, and a few ostriches in this enclosure.

Bird Park:
This is the area where you can see all sorts of beautiful birds. From pigeon, ducks, geese, and other varieties of fowl to brightly colored parrots and gracefully chirping lovebirds, there’s a lot to observe here if you are a fan of ornithology. It is currently closed for renovation but is expected to open shortly.

Reptile House:
Turtles, iguanas, smaller snakes, chameleons, and more dwell in the cool recesses of the reptile house. You will have to have a keen sense of observation to spot some of the deceptively camouflaged creatures here.

Snake Alley:
As you walk through the Snake Alley you will see some gorgeously patterned pythons, boa constrictors, and even the famed anaconda. If you are in luck and happen to pass by during feeding time, you might even be able to see the massive python swallow its prey!

Bear Cave:
The brown bear looks like a happy camper and he traipses around his recreated cave. He is known to take long naps so you might have to stop by more than once to get a chance to spot him.

Flamingo Park:
Just across from the bear cave is the Flamingo Park where the graceful, pink-tipped flamingos are gathered around.

Wildlife Walk:
Easily one of the most exciting attractions in Emirates Park Zoo, the wildlife walk is home to three playful lions, several majestic tigers, two rescued cheetahs who have beaten cancer, two rather lazy leopards, an unbelievably good looking pair of white tigers, and some regal Asian elephants. You can also see some varieties of deer, oryx, and other herbivores too in this area. Don’t miss out on the heartwarming tale of Jasper and Shazzly, the two rescue cheetahs, who fought bravely against malnutrition and even leukemia. Jasper is turning into quite the celebrity now that he has learned to paint! You can also feed the elephants in this zone.

Animal Theatre:
One of the other interesting things to do in Emirates Park Zoo is to watch the Sea Lion show. The resident sea lion comes out to regale audiences with his playful antics and it’s quite an entertaining show, so plan your visit to this zoo in Abu Dhabi in such a way that you don’t miss out on the sea lion show.

Petting Zoo:
A large area with different types of goats, sheep, and other farm animals, this is where your kids will enjoy the most. They can feed the animals, see them at close quarters, and enjoy interacting with them.

While most of the park is set outdoors, there are air-conditioned areas within the park. The Wildlife Walk, Reptile House, and Snake Alley are all air-conditioned. We do recommend coming in the early evenings to enjoy the park to the fullest. If you like to spend time feeding the animals and walking around the park, you will need to spend a minimum of three hours here.

✥ For enquiries, please Call 04-456-3305


Explorer Tickets is Valid daily including Public Holidays
Timings: All Days Open - 9 AM to 9 PM

Adults are responsible for their children! For safety reasons, children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult.
All our animals enjoy well-balanced diet that suits their needs and behavior. In order to guarantee healthy animals and to avoid teaching them to be "beggars", feeding is strictly forbidden throughout Emirates Park Zoo. You can find grass and nuts for feeding within the Zoo territory.
Climbing over barriers or reaching into the enclosures poses a threat to both animals and visitors and is therefore strictly forbidden.
Animals also need their breaks. Please do not try to attract the animals’ attention with loud calls, knocking on the glass, etc. Radios and similar devices must be turned off; music and loud noises are not allowed.
We welcome people who wish to film or take pictures for private purposes. For commercial photography or filming, you must have permission from the Zoo management’s side.
Bringing dogs or other pets into Emirates Park Zoo is forbidden.
The use of bicycles, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. is not permitted.
Please help keep the zoo clean und use the provided bins.
The instructions of the zoo staff must be obeyed.
The zoo staff is authorized to expel visitors who do not obey the rules from the zoo.
Keep and show your admission ticket upon request. The ticket becomes invalid once you leave the zoo.
Please note the zoo´s closing hours, which are posted at the entrances and announced over the loudspeaker.
Tickets are non refundable.

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