Bitcoin & Blockchain: Quick & To The Point From Simpliv Learning

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Bitcoin & Blockchain: Quick & To The Point From Simpliv Learning

Do you want to learn about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular, but you do not have hours to spend? Do you want to learn the relevant and important fundamentals and not waste hours on small details that are only relevant for specialized IT people? You're in the right place pal. With minimal time investment you learn:
• What the blockchain is
• How to trade Bitcoin
• How to mine Bitcoin
• How wallets work
• How to store Bitcoins
• Bitcoin alternatives such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash
• Bitcoin economics

Basic knowledge
• This course teaches fundamentals. It is not designed for people who already know the fundamentals of Bitcoin, Altcoins and the blockchain
• It is designed to be accessible for people with or without IT knowledge.
• You do not need any previous knowledge

What will you learn
• What is the blockchain?
• What is cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) and how does it differ from normal currency?
• The economics behind cryptocurrency
• How does Bitcoin mining work?
• What is an Ethereum smart contract?
• How do you store and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin?

Course Curriculum
• Getting started
• Cryptocurrency mining
• Altcoins
• Practical issues
• The economics behind it


How to get access and start the course:
Fill out all the needed information, voucher code is available on your Great Deals voucher after purchase.
Go to Website:
Click on Sign Up and Create an Account
Select course and click Add to Cart
View the cart, click Apply Coupon and enter your voucher code
Proceed to checkout
Start the course
One license key for one user
No Extra Charges Or Admin Fees

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