Accredited Accounting & Bookkeeping Online Course from International Open Academy, for AED 29.

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Accredited Accounting & Bookkeeping course from International Open Academy, for AED 29.

Don’t let numbers scare you! Learn the world of finance straight from the experts and bravely face your finances.

The IOA Accounting & Bookkeeping course is designed to give you the basics you need to familiarize yourself with accounting and bookkeeping, to prepare yourself to begin a career in the field, and/or to become a better asset to your business. Wouldn’t you like to:

Understand the financial side of your business better

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping offers you the opportunity to learn more about accounting and bookkeeping and expand your horizons on your own time. Get through coursework anytime, anywhere. The IOA Accounting & Bookkeeping course will prepare you for better business practices and/or a career in the field.

The IOA Accounting & Bookkeeping course is specially designed to make this seemingly insurmountable topic accessible and easy. Our focused and specialized course modules will walk you through accounting and bookkeeping step-by-step, making sure you leave this course confident and ready to tackle the financial world.This course will focus on:

- The importance of basic accounting practices
- Keeping and balancing a business payroll
- Tracking business inventory and making sure everything adds up
- Keeping track of cash and balancing currency
- Proper bookkeeping practices
- Profit analysis and shareholder equity
- Reporting taxes and preparing your business for an audit (whether internal or external)
- Get an IOA education on your own time

✔ Internationally Accredited by ICOES
✔ Fully CPD/CE Certified
✔ Instant Free PDF Certificate
✔ Recommended by 95% of Students
✔ 24/7 Access

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